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Day off - supposedly

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Today is our "day off". That'll be why I'm in the hotel room at 6pm uploading videos then, huh? Well, we stopped for lunch in our local shopping centre. Actually, our hotel is part of the shopping centre. Imagine living in a hotel in Brent Cross. It's a bit like that. We were watching the Japan v Australia game in a cafe there. Poor Japan, they were 1:0 up with 5 minutes to go, then in the following 7 minutes lost 3:1.

Being Scottish we're used to seeing our team grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory, but this was harsh. Anyway, we're trying to get tickets for the Korea v Togo match tomorrow, then we head off to Nuremberg to see England v Trinidad and Tobago. we suspect it might not be the walkover we thought it would be (they held Sweden to a 0:0 draw). I hope we have better luck finding our hotel in Nuremberg than we did finding the Frankfurt hotel, in which a half hour journey took four hours as we travelled in circles. Poor Lee must have been wondering what he was letting himself in for!

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