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Dancing NBC logos - part 3

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It's not just The Office that is being utterly ruined by NBC's bloody annoying animated banner ads, they're also on 30 Rock and no-one seems to give a hoot about how much they interrupt the viewing experience with their utter irrelevance.

You're interrupting my viewing to tell me about a programme that's on nextweek, on a different channel?

Get Howie Mandell's noggin off the screen, he's scaring the children! Do NBC really think that someone watching 30 Rock is interested in a brainless game show?

And here, the most brain-dead one of all - an advert for merchandise featuring a joke that makes an appearance LATER IN THE SHOW, thus killing the gag.

Yes, I get that having Jerry Seinfeld breaking the fourth wall on the season premier to plug sister company Universal's Bee Movie "opening November 2nd" was a post-modern cross-promotion, but is NBC so broke it has to sell t-shirts to finance its programmes?

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