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Dancing NBC logos - ITV are at it too!!!

Some idiot at ITV has obviously been watching NBC. Three minutes before the end of Coronation Street last night (ie not before or after an ad break or titles or credits) a huge animated banner ad popped up on the bottom of the screen saying "Stuart, stop what you're watching, look at me, look at me".

After telling me what was on next (like I care), ANOTHER banner ad came up telling me what was on AFTER the NEXT programme (again, like I care). By this point I'd lost the thread of an important scene. (Jokes about why I was watching Corrie aside, but for heavens sake, Rosie was almost caught by her Mum snogging her teacher!).

ITV is a channel in crisis, with plunging audiences, scandals galore, and a truly bottom-of-the-barrel line up of programmes. Why are they screwing up the ONLY programme on ITV worth watching? I repeat again, what is the justification for treating viewers with such utter contempt?

And why, after I pointed out how bloomin' annoying the dancing NBC logos are, did ITV go ahead and do the same? Don't ITV execs read this blog!?!

ps The last sentence wasn't meant to be a joke. Here's why.

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