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Corporates taking over!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Yesterday we had a great time with the English, and especially the Trinidadian fans at the Frankenstadion in Nuremberg. One thing completely ruined it, though, and I know that we were not alone in our disgust. From the moment we arrived, during the team walk-on, during half time and as we left the stadium, we were BOMBARDED at an extraordinary volume with adverts, appalling corporate music and the tackiest German/American vacant commentary. It had all of the worst aspects of being at a boxing match or a baseball game.

Watch the video clip and feel for us as we're having to yell at each other. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Who the hell is it in the football hierarchy who thought that football fans would prefer to listen to "I will Survive", sung by a naff girl-band instead of singing their own songs. Sections of the crowd were getting really annoyed by it, particularly the travelling English Brass Band and Drums who simply couldn't be heard. As Keir says, the people responsible for it know sod all about football. Even Sharpey was annoyed enough to contribute to our video.

What in the name of the wee man has McDonalds got to do with football (the official "restaurant" of the World Cup - "restaurant"?! where do I start!). And who is it that thinks that a junk-food producer who make expensive sugary water is an appropriate sponsor for sport? And when did the rules change to allow an alcohol sponsor. "The Official Beer of the World Cup" - what is THAT all about, and what kind of message is it sending out? How about "The Official Cigarette of the World Cup" or "The Official Class C Drug of the World Cup". Is that what we can expect soon. It's just plain wrong, hypocritical, and the game is being taken over by whoever offers the most cash to have brand association.

I'm here on a sponsors ticket, but I'm working and at least I've been to a football game before (you don't support Dunfermline Athletic if you're a glory seeker!). We sat next to a couple of American's during the England v Paraguay game, who were clearly on a corporate freebie. They came in 5 minutes before the first half ended, and got out their Blackberries to find out the scores. They didn't know which team was which, and when the crowd were calling for Rooney, one turned to the other and said "who is this Rooney they're shouting for". Wan**ers.

Sponsors have their place, but they shouldn't be allowed to completely take over, deafen the crowd with their adverts and kill the atmosphere and spirit of the sport. And as for all of the empty seats we saw because sponsors got ticket allocations they didn't use, for goodness sake, give them to the real fans. There were enough of them outside the stadium quite literally begging for them.

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