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Almost ready to go!

Well, there's not even two days left to go! It just started to sink in over the weekend that we are actually GOING TO THE WORLD CUP!

You wouldn't believe the number of people who have "offered" to "come along and help". I've even been offered some seriously big money offers for the tickets we have for England's games.

I wish I could say that we're ready to go, but our spiffy new camera just arrived today so I'm working away this evening testing it. Our new MacBook Pros arrive tomorrow, and we still have a trip to Tottenham Court Road tomorrow to pick up the extra bits of kit. Yahoo! meanwhile are still beavering away in San Francisco getting the Yahoo! Lee Sharpe World Cup Video & Podcast Blog site to work.

Tomorrow we're meeting England cricketer Andrew Strauss, to record a good luck message for the Sharpey Blog, so you can catch it there on Friday. Anyway, back to testing...

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