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A great day out at the England game

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Quite rightly, it has been pointed out to me that my main point about going to the England v Trinidad game was a moan, and that many people would have given their eye teeth to have been at the match and been force fed adverts, but at least seeing the game. Fair enough, so I thought I should take a deep breath and admit that my (justified) moan aside I had a fabulous time. The ground at Nurmeberg is actually quite small (capacity 41,000, Berlin is 72,000) so it's really tight and has a great atmosphere, and consequently you get an incredible view of the pitch.

In fact, it was a bit unreal and looked like a model, or a five-a-side pitch. As usual, we met some lovely people (and not just Trinidadians) so here are a few pics.

And to finish, a video of some lads rejoicing in their own special way.

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